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Fax Advertising

26/04/2017 13:59

fax broadcasting - Faxbb

29/10/2016 12:27

fax broadcasting

06/09/2016 16:07

How Does Fax Broadcast Works?

26/05/2016 10:28

Preeminent Fax Marketing services at its best

18/05/2016 17:26

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fax broadcasting

Mass Fax Broadcasting with email

Today, sending a fax is convenient and faster than the traditional way. We don’t require any machine, cartridges and paper. All we need is an email account. People prefer bulk faxing as it is more efficient.  Email might go in the spam.


Avail the Most Promising Form of Advertising

To communicate directly with your audience, direct marketing is the best medium. Messages get broadcast directly to the desired person. This manner of communication removes the middle person in the communication channel, which resist manipulation of the data. Company’s objective and ...


New Craft Uses for Fax Broadcast Technology

Telephones aren’t just for calls. The first fax broadcast happened in 1937.  It was a transmission of 110 volt which reported marine weather.  What this meant, for all intents and purposes, was that the latest reports of weather ...


Old Technique but yet Rule the Advertising and Business Industry

Most of the small business and home-based businessman don’t like to use telemarketing and even hesitate to use a phone for advertising. To empower the business structure and processing, the fax machine has emerged as the most powerful tool for advertising.

To make their customer ...


Kickstart Your New Business with Fax

If you have recently started a new business or are in the process of starting a new business, you must be thinking out ways and means by which you can reach out to people and let them know what you have to offer. In today’s consumerism oriented world, having a great idea in not enough. ...


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